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Yahoo! Hack and How to improve your own online security.

In light of the latest news of the Yahoo hack, it’s time for me to re-visit my online security, both work and personal.  And this should go for everyone, companies need to take note and help their employees to be safer and to be more aware, not least because it’s highly likely that many will…
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Sole-trader moves to cloud solution

When the cloud saves money for a Carmarthen small business.   A sole trader client and friend recently asked questions about the possibility of easily updating their own website rather than paying their current provider each time an image needed changing or a customer story was to be added. The ability for customers to be…
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Business IT Review

A local business with 30 employees and three separate offices requiring an update of their office systems Due to the end of life for support of the current software versions, in particular Windows 2003, Windows XP, Office 2003 and SQL Server 2005 plus desktop PC's and servers which were beginning to show their age quotations had been…
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