TM1 9.5.2 Installation

TM1 Web installation problems

After an unsuccessful TM1 9.5.2 installation by an IBM Business Partner, one of the partners I have worked with for many years asked if I could help their new client with a migration of their existing TM1 9.5.2 installation to some new servers running on Windows 2008 R2.

Due to time and licensing constraints the client was unable to move to the latest release at the time of the project so a like-for-like move to some new virtual servers was the project brief.  A result of having to move from unsupported Windows 2003 servers.

The previous attempt had failed due to what appeared to be an incompatibility between TM1 Web and some security software on the web server, the installation was made up of a DMZ hosted TM1 Web server and a corporate network hosted TM1 Data Server.

Having reviewed the failed installation we chose to remove the installation and start over, taking just over a week to carry out four separate installations of TM1 Web and TM1 Server over multiple servers whilst testing and integrating the security software successfully.

During this time we were challenged by very slow TM1 Server load times (in excess of 8 hours) which meant we were able to experiment with a variety of performance enhancing configuration settings.  We demonstrated with a combination of parameters that the load time could be brought down to under six minutes, though further testing would be required to validate the data before rolling out to production.

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