Sole-trader moves to cloud solution

When the cloud saves money for a Carmarthen small business.


A sole trader client and friend recently asked questions about the possibility of easily updating their own website rather than paying their current provider each time an image needed changing or a customer story was to be added.

The ability for customers to be able to update their own website content now seems entirely natural, the days of a web design company bearing responsibility for updating content which is updated on an irregular basis feels very dated in an age where updates are key to communicating effectively with your customers.

A natural next step was some discussion and demonstration of a WordPress based website where a professional website can be designed in a fully bespoke way or as a more cost-effective alternative, ready made templates can be used to give a professional look and feel (just like this site!) whilst providing an intuitive interface to allow the customer to update stories and other information without having to touch the code which could break their entire site!

This discussion led to an introduction to Office 365 as a replacement for traditional on-premise only versions of Office and some excellent capabilities for editing documents and spreadsheets from any location on any device.  The added bonus was the ability to combine this with email hosting!

Now all the data is available online or offline with synchronisation of data across devices providing an element of data redundancy.

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