Let’s start with an apology!

For my first post I'll start with an apology.  This is to those of you who are finding my website during it's early days.  There's a lot of latin on here right now, not something I'm proud of, indeed, if you speak Latin you'll surely be able to tell it's completely irrelevant sample text that came with my website template.  I know no Latin.  None at all.

As I write this I am two weeks in to running my new business, it's been a busy two weeks as I had a very good start, back to back bookings so not something I can complain about.  Now of course, the school holidays have began and I'm taking some time to look after the kids whilst keeping the fledgling business rolling forward.  So the website is going to evolve slowly.  After all, the website is an advert for my business, it's not my business in its self, so it's taking a bit of a back seat.

I'll keep dipping in and out, changing things here and there, gradually the Latin will disappear, the stock photos will get replaced with some of my own images and a lower quality, but I hope at least, the content will be authentic.

Thanks for checking in.

I'll be back soon!

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