IBM Cognos Express version 10.2.2

I'm pretty late to the party with this news, though I did hear about it several months ago in a newsletter from IBM - it seems though that many don't realise that changes have occurred and what they mean.

As of the update of Cognos Express to version 10.2.2 you will no longer have to use a dedicated installer which places all of the components on a single box with a dedicated management console, instead, the latest release of Cognos Express will use the same installation packages as the Enterprise level releases.

This means many things, but amongst the highlights are:

  • The ability to install over multiple servers.  You no longer have to install TM1 and Cognos BI on the same server.
  • You are not restricted to using the TM1 Server name CXMD - you can name your TM1 server whatever you like.
  • You should  now be able to install a publicly facing Cognos Gateway Server into a DMZ to make the application available to users outside of your corporate network.
  • Cognos Cafe capabilities.
  • The ability to easily trade up to a "full-fat" IBM Cognos BI and TM1 license if and when your needs outgrow Cognos Express.

Please contact me for further advice or if you'd like to book in a Cognos Express 10.2.2 upgrade!

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