TM1 Performance Problems?

Problem Solved!  IBM Cognos TM1 10.2.2 poor server load times.

In early July a customer asked me to carry out a review of their new TM1 servers, they'd recently migrated to some new equipment in order to move away from Windows 2003 Server, the problem was that since the migration their TM1 server load times had increased dramatically.

The new servers had been built on like-for-like hardware but with Windows Server 2012 R2 rather than Windows 2003 installed.  Other than that there were no reported differences between the two sets of servers or TM1 servers that were running on them.

Many experienced TM1 people had taken a look at the issues and some minor improvements had been made, however the new system still took several hours longer to process than the previous one.  As I travelled to London I was unsure what I'd find or whether I'd be able to add any significant value, I decided to simply work through the system in a step by step and logical way to see what I'd uncover.

As it turned out, the installation was fine, some visible tweaks had been made to the TM1S.CFG file in an attempt to improve the loading times, but nothing was visibly wrong with the server.  During my time on-site I'd read some articles about Windows 2012 performance and the impact of using the different Power Saving settings might have on applications, yet having altered these settings on the servers, no improvements in performance were made.

I asked the customer to check the Power Management settings in the servers BIOS and to disable any settings which might impair performance, in other words, set the server to a High Power mode.  Unfortunately we had to wait a couple of weeks for a suitable date for the server to be shut down for this setting to be changed, once changed however a 60% improvement in performance was seen.

Whilst the return to acceptable performance levels was more than welcome, it was frustrating to find that a server could be deliberately under-clocked or restricted in the name of power saving without some kind of intelligent boosting during times of stress.


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