Installation and Upgrade

I've spent years helping IBM Cognos customers and Partners with their installations and upgrades, from simple single server, single product installations through to environments made up of 30+ servers including a mix of products such as BI, Controller, TM1 and Planning.

The installation for Fix Pack 4 for IBM Cognos BI 10.2.2 was taking an incredibly long time to finish, it was time to investigate!

Multi-product installations can be difficult and complex, I've been working on such installations for many years for countless clients.  Customers using any combination of products such as IBM Cognos BI, Planning, TM1 and Controller should get in touch for a chat about their installation requirements.

When the time comes to upgrade your current software, whether it's for compliance or just to gain access to the latest features, I'll be able to help you find the best way forward based on your needs.