Software Packaging

Software Packaging and Deployment Support


When a long standing client with a requirement to deploy the IBM Cognos Framework Manager, TM1 Performance Modeller, Analyst, Contributor Administration console and Controller clients needed assistance with creating an automated installation package another day in London to help was on the cards...

IBM doesn't traditionally support software packaging, this is understandable as whilst the methods of packaging can frequently have many similarities, there are many different tools around and supporting all of them would be difficult to say the least.

Regardless of vendor support, organisations still need to work with these these technologies in order to keep down the costs of maintaining an ever growing list of applications that the business needs.

As an independent Cognos technical consultant I too cannot be an expert in all of the different packaging tools but I can still offer valuable assistance to the packaging experts by using my depth of experience in understanding how the Cognos client tools fit together to ensure the desired goals for my clients.

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